State of the Market

Through the second quarter of 2019, we continued to see significant hardening across the E&S landscape.  The pace of change is even greater than anticipated, and brokers continue to make adjustments as markets analyze data and adapt their appetites. While there has been a great deal written about the market cycle and the pricing environment, we have also seen more scrutiny around claims adjudication, valuations, attachment points and terms and conditions.

In this dynamic market, we all need to be diligent when it comes to protecting our clients, and AmWINS remains highly focused on finding solutions for even the most difficult accounts. AmWINS is not a believer in “caveat emptor.” We are committed to leveraging the tools and capabilities of our entire organization – from our extensive underwriting relationships to our specialized market knowledge – all on our clients' behalf. 

In this challenging market environment, a strong partnership with a trusted specialty broker is essential. At AmWINS, the relationships that we’ve built, combined with the expertise we deliver, allow us to be more than your partner – we’re on your team. 

James Drinkwater
President, AmWINS Group

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